An important element of our business activity is production of pre stretch film as well as hand and machine stretch film.

We are a leading producer of eco eco pre stretch film in Poland. Thanks to high quality of our products, we have entered into cooperation with many important clients on domestic market and abroad.

Manual and machine eco eco film

The eco eco film is obtained by mechanical pre-stretching (with strictly defined parameters) of a high-performance stretch film. It is intended for manual and machine wrapping without special prestretch heads.

The eco eco film is manufactured on high-quality automatic machines equipped with devices that precisely control material quality, reel length, roll thickness and the weight.

Additionally, we produce films that have:
  • reinforcing pleats at the edges of the film strip,
  • strong adhesive on the inner or outer side,
  • material made with the use of blow moulding or cast technology. The eco eco film is manufactured in manual and machine applications, in thicknesses from 7 μm to 17 μm, in 260-600-metre manual reelsand 900-3.000-metre machine reels.

The use of eco eco film offers many advantages, the most important being greater efficiency, reduction of used film amount while maintaining full stabilization of goods on pallets.

Priority? Security! Even with small stretch of the film, we obtain optimal tension that stabilizes the load while storing goods on pallets and during transport.

Tensioning eco eco film requires relatively small effort, whichpositively influences productivity and work comfort. Most importantly, it significantly reduces costs of packaging goods and limits generation of large plastic waste.

We will tailor our products individually to your needs.

Manufacturing and sale of stretch film offered by Bialpak Choromański, Leszczyński Sp. J. is covered by the Integrated Management System based on the ISO 9001: 2009 standards.