Stretch films are the most popular method of stabilizing load on a pallet. With the appropriate use of materials and technology, it is also the most effective one. The pallet film can be successfully used both on a small and very large scale, automated production lines.

We offer solutions for every customer. In addition to technological differences, the films also differ in colour. We offer transparent and colourful ones: the client decides which one to use. All our products, regardless of the type or visual qualities, are characterized by high stretchablity and puncture resistance.

Effective load securing

Effective load securing with stretch filmmeans seeing to important elements. One of them is a human factor, i.e. expert advice, and product quality.

We offer only films made of highest quality raw materials, which are ideal even for very fast automated production lines. We like to work in demanding conditions, since thencustomers clearly notice how stretchable and punctureresistant our films are.

However, properly selected film provides excellent load securing not only during wrapping, but also during storage and transport.