We are a direct distributor of an Italian self-adhesive tape on natural rubber, Vibac.

  • self-adhesive tape
  • self-adhesive tape 48mm/990y transp. VIBAC Z/6
  • self-adhesive tape 48mm/990y blue VIBAC Z/6
  • self-adhesive tape 48mm/990y white VIBAC Z/6
  • self-adhesive tape 48mm/66y transp., brown VIBAC Z/6

Physical qualities
  • Ground: polypropylenefilm 25 microns
  • Adhesive: natural rubber and resins
  • Total thickness: 40 microns
  • Steel adhesion: 250 g / cm
  • Resistance: 4 kg / cm
  • Stretchability: 140%
  • Resistant to temperature changes

  • Polypropylene film
  • Natural rubber
  • Resin

  • Store the tapes, preferably horizontally, under normal conditions 15 ÷ 30°C and 50% RH, in the original packaging, in a dry place

  • Automatic or semi-automatic carton sealing

We offer self-adhesive tapes on solvent, hot-melt and acrylic adhesives in manual and machine versions, in various colours.

Adhesives with print
  • free preparation – over 360 rolls
  • Print up to 3 colours
  • Change of the standard background colour (i.e. white, transparent, brown) to apla: + 8% to the baseline prices
  • Order processing time: about 10 business days