Siatka ochronna

Special agricultural net is made of high quality plastics – 100% PE (HDPE), resistant to adverse weather conditions, including very low temperatures and strong sun.

Thanks to using the best available raw materials, it is extremely durable. The covering net provides maximum protection against mechanical damage. It can be used for about 10 years.

The protective net is placed directly on the silage film and then pressed with gravel bags.

Universal bag size: 27 x 108 [cm]

The bags are equipped with:
  • Closure – edge band
  • Carrying grip
  • Collective container:
  • 200 pieces

  • Full mechanical protection
  • Long service life
  • Easy silo covering in the winter
  • Additional protective layer
Available mesh sizes:
5x8 6x8 6x10 8x10 8x12 8x15 10x12 10x15 12x15
WAll nets have non-tearing, hemmed edges.