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Underlay film is a 40-micron agricultural film facilitating proper ensiling. Despite thin structure, special parameter ensure maximum forage protection and storage. Thanks to its properties, this type of film tightly adheres to the silage. It accurately accommodates itself to any unevenness, thereby minimizing the risk of any free space between forage and the upper, thicker film. Using this film significantly reduces mould growth and improves roughage nutritional values.

How does an underlay film work? Thanks to adhesion, it is able to tightly adhere to forage. It prevents creation of any free spaces between a film and ensiled mass. It is used under a silage film, directly on the ensiled mass. The film we offer is manufactured from 100% pure raw material.

  • Maximum tightness,
  • Guarantees anaerobic conditions,
  • Improves forage nutritional value,
  • Limits air access after the opening of the pile,
  • Additional protective layer.

Available sizes:

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width [m] Length [m]
6 50, 300
8 50, 300
10 50, 300
12 50, 300
14 50, 300
16 50, 300