Haylage and corn silage are basic cattle food, so it is important to properly prepare these forages.

For this purpose, farmers across Europe have long used the M-Silo film manufactured by Belgian Hyplast. M-Silo perfectly withstands difficult weather conditions, including strong sun and biting frost. It is a black and white film 120/150 microns thick.

M-Silo characteristics:
  • Flexible and durable
  • Resistant to very low temperatures,
  • UV guarantee
  • Clear packaging
  • Reliable distributor

Why M-Silo?
  • Proven, highest quality,
  • Many years on the market,
  • Frost resistant,
  • Full UV protection
  • Flexible and durable,
  • 12-month warranty

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Downloadable materials (instructions)

Download a PDF leaflet
Available sizes [width x length]
120 microns 150 microns
6x25, 6x33, 6x400 6x50, 6x300
8x25, 8x33, 8x50, 8x400 8x25, 8x33, 8x50, 8x300
10x25, 10x33, 10x50, 10x400 10x25, 10x33, 10x50, 10x400
14x50, 14x300 14x50, 14x300
Unusual: 7/300, 9/300, 11/300, 18/150