Silotite® PRO

SilotitePro, technologically advanced, pre-stretched 5-layer haylage film, which facilitates a wrapping process and improves the haylage quality. The film manufactured by Formipac is protected by a patent and has the certificate of the SP – Swedish Technical Institute. Thanks to its unique construction, the product is also recycled more easily.

The 5-layer SilotitePro film is characterised by maximally multiplied length. There is 1.950 m of film on the roll, instead of standard 1.500 m. Extra length allows for wrapping 30% more bales from one roll. When we compare product performance and price, it turns out that SilotitePro offers an extremely favourable price/1 bale wrap ratio. An extra benefit: fewer roll changes results in shorter downtime. Farmers providing bale wrapping services will be glad that after full loading of a baler wrapper with SilotitePro rolls (about 10-12 rolls) they will be able to work all day without having to bring new rolls to the field.

The SilotitePro film is characterized by increased puncture resistance and excellent adhesion. It can also be used in a wide range of air temperatures, thanks to which wrapping may be done day or night in any climate.

The 5-layer SilotitePro film also provides better ensiling conditions, since it strengthens a barrier protecting bale from air access. Fewer wrinkles on the wrapped bale means smaller chance of air ingress.

SilotitePro is packaged in a 100% recyclable film sleeve. It is made of the same material as the film (i.e. LLDPE polyethylene) and may be utilized along with it. Thanks to a shift from traditional cardboard packaging and thanks to a smaller number of rolls (and cores) needed by a farmer to wrap, SilotitePro film is more environmentally friendly.

To sum up: SilotitePro offers more efficient and cheaper bale wrapping and less waste on the farm. This is why the film has gained a large number of loyal users around the world.

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