Bialpak has been a Formipac distributor for over a dozen years. Thanks to its constant, high quality and continuous development, Silotite® is the leader on the agricultural film market. In 2000, Formipac was the first company to invest in production of a 5-layer film, introducing a pioneer generation of haylage film to the market. Since then, Silotite® has won a wide range of satisfied customers.

5-layer technology
Thanks to a 5-layer technology, we can manufacture film with maximum parameters, such as:
  • UV stabilization
  • Puncture resistance
  • Tensile strength
  • Flexibility
  • Adhesiveness

5-layer film:
  • Strengthens an anti-oxygen barrier
  • May be used on the fastest wrap machines
  • Withstands wrapping “hard” plants, e.g. alfalfa
  • The film is made of the highest quality raw materials.
  • It has 70% guaranteed tension (10% more than in low quality films, which must work at 55% tension.)
  • It has guaranteed stated length, width and thickness.

Downloadable materials (instructions)

Download a PDF leaflet
width length thickness colour
500mm 1800mm 25 White / green
750mm 1500mm 25 White / green
750mm PRO 1950mm 20 green